Zeus L Shape Leatherette Lining Sofa Set (Stone and Light Grey)

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Crafted for the Gods. The colours are attributed to the elements of nature that occur in combination. White and Yellow or Stone and Light Grey, that is sure to invoke power and awe. The full set comes with 2 Seater, 1 Seater, Chaise, Corner, arm left or right and Ottoman, with options to mix and match, to fit any space – awe to YOUR space.

Full Set
Linen Somke grey
Product Dimension:
1s: 850-1050mm x 1140mm x 720mm, 2s:850-1050mm x 1140mmx 1880mm ,Coffee console: 850-1050mm x 1140mm x 410mm, Corner: 850-1050mm x 1280mm x 1280mm ,1s-1arm: 850-1050mm x 1140mm x 1150mm
Product weight:
1s: 33 kgs, 2s: 77 kgs, corner: 50 kgs, 1s-1arm: 47 kgs, Center console: 15 kgs